Terry's Indian Blogs

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Early in 2006 Anita Alberts got some contract work in Trivandrum teaching English as a foreign language. Terry decided to go with her for the experience and hoped to be able to help locals in some way with his mechanical expertise. He also decided to keep a blog of his experiences and these are published below

Now in India for the last 8 weeks and getting excited about coming back to Bolton .We recently revisited   places in Kerala that were near enough for a short  break. Anita's friend from her previous job came out to visit us and so we arranged a package including  a train ride north,  sailing on the Backwaters,  a one night stopover on the boat and  3 nights in Cochin.

On our third 6 month visit to India We are trying a different form of accommodation.  Having lived in the city of Trivandrum we have moved to the tourist resort area of Kovalam.

The fort at Agra is an essential place to visit to sense the romance and magic the Taj Mahal. It is situated across the river Yamuna on the opposite bank from the Taj Mahal; it houses several palaces and is still used by the army.

I wondered why an effigy was placed in front of most building constructions around Trivandrum

It has since been explained that when building a modest home or even a multi story block it is essential in to ward off any bad luck from your home. 

Visit to Tamil Nadu

It’s 50 years since the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu were formed from the south Indian state of Travencore. The state boundaries were determined by language, Keralans speak Malayalam whereas Tamil is spoken in Tamil Nadu, which to this day presents some interesting quirks. A temple and a palace complex in Tamil Nadu was for some time ‘owned’ and administered by its neighboring state, Kerala.