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Early in 2006 Anita Alberts got some contract work in Trivandrum teaching English as a foreign language. Terry decided to go with her for the experience and hoped to be able to help locals in some way with his mechanical expertise. He also decided to keep a blog of his experiences and these are published below

Mid September 2006

Having arrived in back Trivandrum,( South West India), after a three month home visit. We enjoyed what I thought was the best of the English weather. We are now starting  our second 6 months stay in this great country and looking forward to avoiding the English winter and new adventures in this land of endless surprises. The flight out here is a bit of an ordeal, but the 5000 mile trek is well worth suffering.

On the Sat 9th of May 1981 in the Swan Hotel Bolton we watched a Tottenham Hotspur  beat a Manchester City in the FA cup (FA Cup, more popular then) then  we  got married.  Meanwhile 25 years later, celebrating our silver wedding anniversary watching,  live in India , the FA Cup (FA Cup getting popular again). West Ham got beat (only just) by Liverpool a good silver wedding link for us.  Thanks Liverpool.

Trying my best to keep fit during my retirement by surfing and swimming. Going  Kovalem   with some friends from Anita’s work. Good fun/exercise but weight loss slow progress.

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April 2006

Tara and Ilona came together to visit us this month for 2 weeks. We prepared what could be best described as a package tour of Kerala  To cram into 2 weeks to see as much of Kerala and give a flavour of South India is  difficultly and can only at best offer a brief flavor of what is a vast and complex State steeped in thousands of years of history. It’s difficult to make the best use of a short holiday. I think we got it right after much planning and help from the Great India Tour in Trivandrum  and special thanks to R Mahash for his patience with us and in organizing the time table and transport It is best to limit site seeing into a manageable area with not to much travel . We managed this by traveling no more than 4 hours a day by car and completing our return journey to Trivandrum by Flight from Cochin. This proved to be an excellent tour of the region taking in some colonial history, fine hotels, experiencing the magic of traveling on a house boat in the backwaters and visiting the tea plantation hill stations. I would recommend this route to any would be travelers to Kerala.

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Fig 1Kovalam Paradise of the South

Celebrated my 59th my birthday last week by treating ourselves to a week end at Kovalam, a Beach resort 10 miles south of Trivandrum city. Thirty years ago, Kovalam was a hippy idyll: a picture perfect tropical beach.  Now it is a well established tourist destination that Stan Holt wouldn’t  recognize. Today Kovalam beach is known as the "Paradise of the South".  With a good range of hotels from the cheap to the 7 star.

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Sorry I haven’t written for a while I am just getting organized with this clumsy Yahoo Web mail. It’s to slow for referencing past emails and not keeping records; it’s hard to remember who/when I emailed and what I said. I’m frightened of repeating my self (I’m 59 next month so that can’t be far off) I’ve got all my sent mail now on the windows desktop so I will be a bit better organized and won’t  repeat myself ( I’m 59 next month so that can’t be far off).