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The Dream Team

Click to see the original team and to see what happened to them



Dream TeamThis is a photo of the "Mortfield team" or "The Hippies" as they were known to the rest of the league - from the mid 70's Team members are (Left to Right): Back Row: Chas Rigby, John Goddard, Harry Weston, Al Colgan(RIP), Mick Devlin(RIP), Jonathon Isherwood (Tish) Front Row: John Hayes, Johnny Kirman, Garry McArdle, Howard McArdle, and Norman Walker Two regulars on the team but not on the picture Mark Kirman(RIP) and the usual goalie Tony Fern(RIP)

We have now gone on a mission to show how surviving members of the team look in this century - see below for the team players we've photographed so far

John Tish Isherwood

This is Jonathon "Tish" Isherwood - Top right, back row on original photograph


Johnny Kirman

Johnny "Kick 'em" Kirman the driving force behind the team  - 2nd left, front row on original photograph


    John 'Wizzer' Hayes - 1st left, front row on original photograph


Gary McArdle

Gary "Magic" McArdle - Middle of front row on original photograph






Howard McArdle


Howard "For England" McArdle - 2nd right, front row on original photograph