In this section we are putting miscellaneous items that don't fit else where such as interviews, blogs, art, flyers, articles and, for no particular reason, stuff about music hall people like Jimmy Cltheroe.

In the early seventies the Optical Busstop people were heavily involved in "Bolton Free Press" and some front pages are included here.

In the late 1980's/early 90's Nat and Paul (under the stage name of "Paul O'Pinter") gigged as "The Poor Poets" and the "Sex Poets" and in particular ran, with Jill, an alternative cabaret club at the Octagon theatre in Bolton called initially "Mutant Music Hall" and then simply "Live Friday". It ran for about three years and was incredibly successful until Paul fell ill with a serious kidney complaint and the run came to a premature end. Some of the fliers from that period are included here.

There are also cartoons from Moxy Casimir, blogs by Terry Alberts about his experiences in India.